Specialized in designing and engineering SaMD,

our French startup aims to simplify physicians

decision making process and patient-follow-up.

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Technologies and Artifical Intelligence
serving medecine and patient wellness

Patient care is our priority. Our leitmotiv is naturally to improve patient care through prevention and better follow-up. We also want to simplify physicians’ life. New powerful technologies have many potential benefits that we want to provide to our users to enter in the era of diseases prevention.

Our mission is to develop medical imaging softwares to help surgeons to make accurate and reliable diagnosis easier, faster and earlier. Because new technologies are relevant only if it is simple and give the right information at the right moment.

Our healthtech is based on biomedical modeling, 3D numerical simulations and Artificial Intelligence.

We design easy-to use and
intuitive SaMD

As a start-up, we are devoted to our users. They are the experts and only them know what is the best way to deliver our technology. That is why they are at the center of our developments.

Every day, we work hard to design with physicians the decision making support tools that revolutionize patient care. We believe that helping is first and foremost listening and understanding. We spend time in hospitals, with physicians to understand their work, their challenges and their constraints. Our goal is to design what can make physicians and patients life more confortable.

Today, focusing on aortic diseases, PRAEVAorta solution automatizes image analysis and provides the fastest and most accurate quantitative analysis of aortic diseases. It empowers physicians to early detect asymptomatic diseases before cardiovascular accidents and allow them to personalize diagnostic and follow-up.

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Nurea mission

This is our motivation. We work hard because we know exactly what we want to achieve. Take care of patients and users.

Team spirit

Nurea team spirit

Our complementarity and the values we share are the keys of our success. And we consider our users as part of the team.


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We know that to achieve our goals we need focus, work and organization. We listen, understand and act to be efficient.

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CEO Florian Bernard

More about Florian
I am the CEO of NUREA.

I have an engineering degree from Enseirb-Matmeca. I get a PhD in fluid dynamics from the mechanical and aerospace engineering department of Politecnico di Torino and a PhD in applied mathematics and scientific computing from University of Bordeaux. I was student at INRIA, in the Memphis project team, when I came up with NUREA. After aeronautics and Aerospace, use new technologies to improve healthcare was a no-brainer.

CTO Romain Leguay

More about Romain
I am the CTO of NUREA

I have a master degree in computer scientist from Université Bordeaux. I worked as developper at INRIA and in many companies to acquired experiences in medical images. I joined Florian at the begining of NUREA. I am passionate with new technologies and particulary on technologies that make the life user easier.

QARA Lamia Stephan
More about Lamia
I am the QA/RA manager at Nurea. I am a biomedical engineer graduated from ISIFC, a French college specialized in medical devices.
Providing a safe device for a better patient care is a subject very close to my heart. I firmly believe we can improve the device quality by endorsing a company Quality Assurance.
Data Scientist Thibault Allard
More about Thibault
I graduated from University of Technology of Troyes as materials engineer. After getting an experience in big companies such as l’Oreal and an MBA in Data Science from MBA ESG, I joined Nurea as Data Scientist. I am very enthusiastic about new technologies and I consider that artifical intelligence is a great resource that can help improving patient care.

More about Nicolas

I’m a software developer. I love to think about problems and find how to solve them. This is what makes me enjoy computer sciences, and why I made it my job. When I’m not coding I enjoy video games, sports and watch videos.

Nurea Scientific advisor Angelo Iollo
More about Angelo
Angelo is Professor of applied mathematics at University of Bordeaux. He is in charge of the MEMPHIS team at Inria developing numerical solutions for data classifications and physics modeling. His work applications go from tumor growth modeling to blood flow simulations.
Nurea Medical Advisor éric Ducasse
More about Éric
Eric is chief of the general medicine and vascular surgery department of Pellegrin hospital, part of the Universitary hospital of Bordeaux. It is one of the largest vascular department in France in the number one french hospital ranking in 2019. Eric is a key opinion leader in vascular surgery.
Nurea Business Developer Tristan Soubrié
More about Tristan
Tristan is an entrepreneur who has managed several companies. His technical background is closed to the technologies used by Nurea helping him understand our added values and possible paths to success. He brings his experience in strategy and business development.

Digital vascular twin technology

Today, by automatizing medical images treatment and using powerfull algorithms developed during more than 10 years of research, our technology is able to provide automatically relevant information to help anticipating aortic aneurysm rupture.

Dedicated to vascular diseases quantification, our AI proposes a consolidated solution for an advanced and complete 3D visualization of vascular network. Our digital vascular twin opens up possibilities with mechanical analysis to go towards cardiovascular accidents risk prediction.

On the way of becoming a revolutionary tool in enabling early vascular diseases diagnostic and follow-up, our technology would have great impact on cardiovascular accidents prevention. This context is the motivation for our work. We want to go further !