PRAEVAorta® 2


“0 click”

Automatic workflow

Use complex numerical simulation tools and image processing algorithms
without any effort.

Secure your diagnostic

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Reduce the risk of medical error

Save time

saving-time solution as medical device

Save time in patient care
pathway during diagnostic
and follow-up.

A “0 click” solution for all vascular CT’s

PRAEVAorta® 2 provides an automated reconstruction and analysis of the arterial tree from DICOM images, seamlessly integrated in your everyday tools (PACS, workstations, imaging softwares).

In a “0” click process, PRAEVAorta® 2 presents a direct view on multiple clinical parameters that will allow you to establish faster diagnostics in a more secured way. The latest publication showed that PRAEVAorta® 2 is 95% faster than human to perform a segmentation (1), while conserving the same level of precision in the measurement (1).

By standardizing the measurement, PRAEVAorta® 2 eliminates all variability induced by manual operation, therefore drastically improving the reproducibility of the measurement and allowing more accurate disease evolution analysis.

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Englobes the whole steps of the patient journey

Through automatic analysis of  contrasted and non-contrasted CT’s images, PRAEVAorta® 2 provides indicators of vascular diseases, such as aorta diameters or volume of aneursyms . It has the capacity to differentiate the lumen from the thrombus, therefore allowing extraction of multiple additional criteria not easily accessible for physicians.

PRAEVAorta® 2 is an efficient companion of the physician all along the patient journey, from the incidental detection of the aneurysm, to the automated surgery planning sheet and the yearly patient follow-up after the surgery.

PRAEVAorta® 2 has been co-constructed with international top level clinical teams and iteratively improved and adapted to physicians needs.

PRAEVAorta® 2 est un dispositif médical de class IIB Conçu par Nurea (BSI CE 2797). PRAEVAorta® 2 est un logiciel d’aide à la décision pour le diagnostic et le suivi des maladies vasculaires. Il est destiné à la segmentation automatique et à l’analyse géométrique des vaisseaux. Merci de lire attentivement le manuel utilisateur.