PRAEVAorta® 2: a “0 click” solution for vascular diseases quantification

The PRAEVAorta® 2 software allows you to immediately visualize the status of the aorta through geometrical data, therefore helping you establishing faster and more secured diagnosis.


  • Aorta maximum diameter for aneursym epidemiology
  • Automated surgery planning data for EVAR / FEVAR planification
  • Infrarenal diameter and volume for patient follow-up
AI solution for vascular diseases

Our AI solution for vascular diseases is also available for clinical research

Our technology allowed the birth of an AI-powered software, PRAEVAorta® 2, which allows to enhance vascular physicians’ productivity and aortic diseases prevention. But we are continuing our research to develop other solutions for medical image analytics.

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Our Vision : The vascular digital twin

Our mission is to develop medical imaging softwares to help surgeons to make accurate and reliable diagnosis easier, faster and earlier. Because new technologies are relevant only if it is simple and give the right information at the right moment.

Our healthtech is based on biomedical modeling, 3D numerical simulations and Artificial Intelligence.

They trust us.

PRAEVAorta® 2 est un dispositif médical de class IIB Conçu par Nurea (BSI CE 2797). PRAEVAorta® 2 est un logiciel d’aide à la décision pour le diagnostic et le suivi des maladies vasculaires. Il est destiné à la segmentation automatique et à l’analyse géométrique des vaisseaux. Merci de lire attentivement le manuel utilisateur.