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PRAEVAorta is a decision support software for vascular surgery which provides you new relevant and reliable indicators for fasterand easier diagnosis.

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Clinical use

PRAEVAorta : an unprecedented SaMD
solution for vascular diseases quantification

Our solution provides an automated reconstruction of the personnalized digital vascular twin from DICOM images of angiographies. The PRAEVAorta software allows you to easily visualize the evolution of the aortic aneurysm through geometrical data.

We also integrate in our software, a prediction tool giving hints on how the aneurysm will evolve based on data classification of geometry and blood flow characteristics in a research use only version.

The software is simple to use, intuitive and does not require any particular expertise in image processing, mathematics or modelisation such as other softwares on the market. The only task performed by the user is the loading of the images. All the information are then delivered automatically.

PRAEVAorta : an unprecedented SaMD that provides indicators of desease progression through automatic analysis
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Automatic workflow

Use complex numerical simulation tools and image processing algorithms
without any effort.


picto Data visualization

Easily visualize all the informations you need from the scan and for the patient
follow-up at a glance.


visual control praevaorta

Always have a visual control check of the data extracted.


saving-time solution as medical device

Save time in patient care
pathway during diagnostic
and follow-up.


PRAEVAorta decision support software personalization

Thanks to extraction of reliable clinical
indicators, personalize patient


praevaorta decision support software and prevention

Screen images and highlight abnormalities
to help physicians early detect diseases
before accidents.

You are interested by our software
for vascular diseases quantification ?

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Word Clinical Use

Our decision support software is designed for a
clinical usage.

Through automatic analysis of medical images, the PRAEVAorta software provides indicators of aortic aneurysmal disease progression, simplifying patient management and follow-up.

These relevant, reliable and objective indicators have been determined and proved with physicians and allow them to save time and personalize patient follow-up. Our SaMD solution has been iteratively improved and adapted to physicians needs, particularly through a colloboration with Professor Eric Ducasse, at the University Bordeaux Hospital.

Our technology is also available for research.