Based on 3D numerical simulation and AI, our technology has a
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Based on biomedical modeling, numerical simulation and AI, our technology allows to get a large amount of supplementary information, in an automated way.

We are convinced that this technology can revolutionize healthcare.

You are a public or private researcher ? Contact us to get a demo and to benefit from a dedicated user interface.

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NUREA’s projects : the promises of digital twin technology

Our technology allowed the birth of an AI-powered software, PRAEVAorta, which allows to enhance vascular physicians’ productivity and aortic diseases prevention. But we are continuing our research to develop other solutions for medical image analytics.

We want to participate to the advancement of personnalized medecine thanks to the digital vascular twin. Our aim is to apply our technology to cardiovascular accidents prevention by diseases early detection and personalized care.

For further information on our ongoing projects, contact us.

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