AI solution for vascular disease

NUREA designs medical imaging

Result of 10 years of research in medical imaging processing, deep learning and mathematical modeling, our AI solution for vascular diseases enables automated 3D reconstruction of the patient-specific digital vascular twin from CT angiographies.

Based on this innovative technology, PRAEVAorta is our first decision-making support software, a unique solution on the healthcare market providing relevant and accurate informations and making its use simple, fast and intuitive for aortic aneurysms. 

AI solution for vascular diseases
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A software as a medical device designed for and with physicians

PRAEVAorta was thought as a decision making support solution for healthcare professionals, vascular surgeons and radiologists. Our AI solution for vascular diseases has been designed to simplify decision process and patient follow-up.

Our close collaboration with Professor Eric Ducasse, chief of vascular surgery division at the University Bordeaux Hospital (Pellegrin), allowed the SaMD to be iteratively improved and adapted to the vascular surgeons needs, and especially in diagnostic and treatment of aortic aneurysms.

AI solution for vascular diseases

The PRAEVAorta medical software is being currently deployed in clinics and hospitals to meet our users expectations.

AI solution for vascular diseases

The genesis of our technology
and our healthcare software

Medical images were the last revolution in patient care. We believe they are still underexploited. We believe that new powerful technologies can help and we want to bring it to physicians.

We also want to save lives and improve patient wellness. Patients are more important than everything. On a daily basis, we focus on and improve the way physicians care patients.

We put all of our expertise to enhance patient follow-up simplifying physicians’ workflow thanks to efficient decision-support tools.

Our AI solution for vascular diseases
is available for research

You are a public or private researcher ? Do not hesitate to contact us.
You can benefit of a user interface dedicated to the research.

Cardiovascular diseases
control & prevention

AI solution for vascular diseases

To be active participants in cardiovascular diseases control, the leading cause of death worldwide and a public health issue for years to come.

Patients’ wellness &
physicians’ satisfaction

patient and surgeon

To serve patients’ wellness
and physicians satisfaction, improving speed and reliability of diagnosis with
automated and simple solutions.

Digital vascular
twin technology

Nurea - digital twin

AI solution for vascular diseases

To open up possibilities with
personnalized digital twin and to use numerical modeling technology to develop minimally invasive exams.

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