Our vision

Patients are more important than everything. On a daily basis, we focus on and improve the way surgeons care patients. We put all of our expertise to enhanced patient follow-up and simplify surgeons life. Medical images were the last revolution in patient care. We believe they are still under exploited. We believe that new powerfull technologies can help and we want to bring it to surgeons. Easily and intuitivly. These technologies are relevant only if it is simple and give the right information at the right moment. Every day, we work hard to design with surgeons the tools that revolutionize patient follow-up and suit the surgeon needs just like they need it. Nurea's mission is to help surgeons and patients.

As a start-up, we are devoted to our users. They are the experts and only them know what is the best way to deliver our technology. Our products have to be simple and intuitive to be easily included in our users workflow. That is why they are at the center of our developments.

We believe that helping is first listening and understanding. We spend time in hospitals, with surgeons to understand their work, their challenges and their constraints. Our goal is to design what can make their life and patients life more confortable.

Our values