What we do

Nurea designs softwares simplifying surgeon decision process and patient follow-up. By automatizing medical images treatment and using powerful algorithms developped during more than 10 years of research, Nurea is able to provide new relevant informations to the surgeons. The software is completely integrated in the surgeon workflow making its use simple and intuitive with no effort. Thanks to our software, the surgeon saves time and the patient follow-up is enhanced. We first focus on aortic aneurism. The software allows the surgeon to easily visualize the evolution of the aneurysm through geometrical data but also pressures and stress due to the blood flow. We also integrate in our software, a prediction tool giving hints on how the aneurysm will evolve based on data classification of geometry and blood flow characteristics. The software is simple to use, intuitive and does not require any particular expertise in image processing, mathematics or modelisation such as other softwares on the market. The only task performed by the user is the loading of the images. All the informations are then delivered automatically.

Software features